Kevin Morsching

The Arete' scholarship is given in honor of Kevin Morsching. Kevin was a 2005 graduate of Post 22 Baseball and pitcher at South Dakota State University. Kevin pursued excellence in everything he did and constantly pushed himself to the limits. According to his mom, Kim, “Kevin wasn’t happy unless he was giving one hundred percent.” His passion for sports and athleticism was showcased on the baseball field with the South Dakota State University team and as a semi-pro baseball player in California. If Kim had to pick one word to describe her son, Kevin, it would be arête. Kevin fell in love with the Greek word, which translates to “pursuing excellence.” To Kevin, arête wasn’t just a word—it was his mantra for life. Kevin's parents present the Arête scholarship each year to the Post 22 senior who exemplifies Arête.

Jordan Mette - 2008
Thane Lees - 2009
Parker Sullivan - 2010
Jarrett Jensen - 2011
Asau Rodriguez - 2012
Jacob James - 2013
Carter Wevik - 2014
Justin Kraemer - 2016
Timmy Paris - 2017
Jace Caldwell - 2018