Arete' Scholarship

Kevin Morsching had a huge impact on hundreds of lives, and left a lasting impression on all whom he came in contact with. Many knew Kevin Morsching as an incredible athlete, particularly in baseball as he starred for Post 22, South Dakota State University and as a semipro pitcher for the Humboldt Crabs. But he was also a genuinely caring and compassionate person, as many people knew and can attest to. Kevin valued giving back to his family, friends, colleagues and community above any other and even after his passing, he continues to give and impact the lives of students.

Kevin passed away after a skateboarding accident in 2007. During his time at Post 22, and every other team he participated on, Kevin would write Arete on the bill of his cap.Arete is the aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character.
Kevin lived by these words every day. Even upon his death, Kevin donated his organs so others could live.

Every year, the Morsching family gives a scholarship to a Post 22 senior who demonstrates these values during their career.
Past Arete Scholarship winners are:
  • 2020 - Ryan Bachman
  • 2019 - Drew Messer
  • 2018 - Jace Caldwell
  • 2017 - Timmy Paris
  • 2016 - Justin Kraemer
  • 2014 - Carter Wevik
  • 2013 - Jacob James
  • 2012 - Asau Rodriguez
  • 2011 - Jarrett Jensen
  • 2010 - Parker Sullivan
  • 2009 - Thane Lees
  • 2008 - Jordan Mette

Every damn day Morsching...