Parents FAQ
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If you are wanting to contact a business to do a sponsorship, please reach out to Courtney Crosswait BEFORE talking to the business. She will make sure the business is not on someone else’s list and hasn’t been contacted yet.

Courtney can be reached at (605) 431-0226

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Last year’s premium seat holders have until Feb. 14th to reply and let us know if they want their seats. If someone on your list was a premium seat holder and the system does not show they have renewed, reach out to them to make sure they got their letter and see if they want to renew.

If you have someone interested in premium seats, please email Barb, Joan or Kathy so they can get put on a wait list. Please include the number of seats they would like and preferred section(s).

Once last year’s ticket holders have had the chance to respond and we know what seats are available, we will start down the wait list.


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All families are required to purchase a pass/premium seat/VIP/Championship Sponsorship.

Category: Parents

If you are in need of more tickets, you can pick them up at any ticket turn in.

If you need them before the next turn in, please reach out to Stacy Hunt. (605) 490-0001 or email

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If you have someone who would like to receive an invoice:

There is a sample invoice under the FORMS section, you can print off, fill out and give them OR

  1. Enter the ticket sale as normal
  2. Choose INVOICE as the PAYTYPE
  3. Make sure the ticket type is correct.
  4. Make sure the AmtCollected field shows the amount to invoice.
  5. Make sure an email address is entered in the ticket holder information (not in comments of the ticket sale)

Invoice will be sent via Quickbooks and the person receiving can pay by ACH/Credit Card/Check.

Please note, invoices will not be sent for season passes. Sale will not be credited until the invoice is paid.

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If you are wanting to add contact information for a new ticket holder:

  1. Mouse over SALES on the top menu.
  3. Type in part of the person’s first OR last name and search to be sure they are not in our system already.
  4. If they are NOT in the list
    2. Fill in all of the information requested. Please do not put in fake information as this list is used for mailings and other marking opportunities.
    3. Click Submit-the system will check for duplicates. If they are not in the duplicate list, click the red “CONFIRM” button.
  5. If you plan to sell them a ticket, you will need to search for their name again and do SELL TICKET.
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If you sell a championship sponsorship to someone:

  1. Fill out the Championship brochure in it’s entirety.
  2. Hand in the form and payment at a turn in.
  3. DO NOT give them a ticket.
  4. You are responsible to collect all ad information necessary.

Once everything is handed in, a ticket packet will be created and you will be notified it is ready to pick up at a turn in. Once you pick this up, it should be delivered to the business.

You will not get credit for the sale until all ad item needed is collected and turned in. To see the status of your Championship Sales:

  1. Mouse over SALES
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To renew a ticket for someone on your list, simply click on the “RENEW” link on the right side and fill in the information for the ticket sale. Be sure to clear out fields that pull from last year.

Category: Parents

If you are wanting to sell a ticket to someone not on your list:

  1. Mouse over SALES
  3. Search for the ticket holder.

If they are ON SOMEONE ELSES LIST: STOP. You should not sell a ticket to someone on someone else’s list. If the ticket holder reached out to you and wants to support your son, EMAIL the family who has that person on their list and let them know. It is always nice to give them someone from your list in exchange.

To enter the sale:

  1. Click on Sell Ticket
  2. Enter the information it asks for.
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There will be designated ticket turn ins at the Indoor Facility during fundraising season. Some helpful tips:

  • Have your sales organized.
  • Money should not be turned in UNLESS the sale is entered in Parent Corner. The ticket committee does not do this for you.
  • Print a Hand In Sheet and include with your money.
  • Have all ticket numbers entered in parent corner.
  • Have check numbers entered in parent corner.
  • Have the PAYTYPE entered correctly.

If you can not make it to a turn in, place everything in an envelope with your son’s name on it and place in the black box inside the indoor facility. Make sure everything is marked clearly.


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Yes we are!

The legal name is Baseball Parents Inc. DBA/Post 22 Baseball.

Our tax id # is: 46-0343414

Please note, we are NOT tax exempt.

Buddy passes are simply regular season passes that is given to a local non-profit to use to come to games. We regularly give these passes to places like Black Hills Works, Children’s Home, Assisted Living Facilities, and more.

If you have a business or person who would like to buy a buddy pass, go through the steps to sell them a ticket. You will assign them a ticket number, then bring the ticket in with payment to a turn in.

If the person buying the pass has a preference as to who the ticket goes to, please enter that in the sale. If not, leave that space empty and the ticket committee will divey them up as needed.

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Post 22 offers 4 different types of season passes:

  1. Family Pass: $95. This is good for up to 6 people IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD.
  2. Senior Pass: $80. This admits 2 people per game. The senior needs to be 62 or older. The 2nd person can be of any age and can change every game.
  3. Adult Pass: $65. This admits 1 person to each game. Adult age is 24-61
  4. Student Pass: $25. This admits 1 student to each game. Age is 13-23

Children 12 and under are free.

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If you have turned in money, please allow the ticket committee 2-3 days to get all the sales updated. If you still feel there is a discrepancy in your total, reach out to them and it will be reviewed.

Double credit numbers won’t be added until towards the end of fundraising.