Post 22 HitTrax Hitting League

Spend your Tuesday and/or Thursday nights going beyond “batting practice” with our HitTrax Hitting Leagues. Players who sign up will be placed on teams of 4-6 players by the Post 22 coaching staff. Each player will get 2 games per night. Players may sign up to play on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, or both. Our Hack Attack pitching machine will be utilized to give hitters more opportunities to see and adjust to high velocity pitching all in a uniquely competitive environment. HitTrax also has the ability to call balls and strikes as well as track each individual player’s results which helps us to create live at bats for our hitters. All data collected by HitTrax (hot/cold zones, exit velocity, batting average, hard hit average, etc…) will go directly into each player’s profile and allow us to zero in on strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. These leagues will be extremely fun as well as highly competitive.

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  • Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 6:00-8:30
  • 2 games a night per team
  • Teams to be constructed by coaching staff once all registrations are in
  •  Cost: $75 per league (Tuesday or Thursday)
  •  Location: Floyd Fitzgerald Stadium (Home of Post 22 Baseball)
  •  Ages: All Post 22 Players