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Year: 1974
Coach: Dave Ploof
Wins: 44 Losses: 13
State Champions
Player of Year: Craig Soderquist
Other Awards:  
Scott Tubbs: 1974 ROTC Scholarship

Batting Stats

Jeff Andrews0000000000000
Tom Moen0000000000000
Kevin Brady0000000000000
Edward/Edmund Blewitt0000000000000
Tom Patnoe0000000000000
Mark Trygstad0000000000000
Charles Ruth0000000000000
Tony Remer0000000000000
David Guy0000000000000
Dale Bayman0000000000000
Ron Amen0000000000000
Clark Sorenson0000000000000
Jeff Johnson0000000000000
Ron Weaver0000000000000
Bill Gandy0000000000000
Jeff DeBoer0000000000000
Greg Wermers0000000000000
Craig Soderquist0000000000000
Tim Whalen0000000000000
Jim Kellar0000000000000
Tom Moen0000000000000
Scott Tubbs0000000000000
Kim Woodle0000000000000
Randy Silver0000000000000
Scott Jeske0000000000000
Mark Guy0000000000000
Mitch Johnson0000000000000
Steve Naasz0000000000000
Jody Parker0000000000000
Kent Sorenson0000000000000
Dave Rogers0000000000000
Gregg Munger0000000000000
Tom Willis0000000000000
Leroy Weimer00521280000472400