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Year: 1976
Coach: Dave Ploof
Coach Awards: Porter Talcott Sportsmanship Award
Wins: 48 Losses: 11
State Champions
Player of Year: Rich Downs
Other Awards:  
Daniel Hardy: 1976 ROTC Scholarship

Batting Stats

Scott King0000000000000
Rich Downs0000000000000
Tony Remer0000000000000
Steve Naylor0000000000000
Tim Whalen0000000000000
Dan Whalen0000000000000
Joe Hedrick0000000000000
Scott McCaskell0000000000000
Ron Weaver0000000000000
Steve Naasz0000000000000
Kelvin Torve0000000000000
Bill Ressl0000000000000
Daniel Hardy0000000000000
Jim Hendrickson0000000000000
Loren Finn0000000000000
Steve Wolff438132610002114400.3950.49300
Tom Patnoe0000000000000
Scott Jeske0000000000000
Terry Brewer0000000000000
John Burnett0000000000000
Chuck Delzer0000000000000
John Magbuhat0000000000000
Jeff Andrews0000000000000
Mark Harris0000000000000
Gary Cooper0000000000000
Tom Willis0000000000000
Dave Lesmeister0000000000000
Bob Ellefson0000000000000
Dave Rogers0000000000000
Clark Sorenson0000000000000
Tom Mohon0000000000000
Peter Melendez0000000000000