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Year: 1979
Coach: Dave Ploof
Wins: 58 Losses: 14
State Champions
Player of Year: Steve Wolff
Other Awards:  
Steve Wolff: 1979 American Legion Baseball Slugger & Jack Williams Memorial Leadership Award

Batting Stats

Steve Wolff71236104181210080531490.4400.63100
Jeff Ellis692349521420066631300.4060.55500
Roger Lewis0000000000000
Steve Leeka68210591081005145880.2810.41900
Kent Torve71204691211005844860.3380.42100
Bill Pembroke338422740004340370.2610.44000
Jim Pembroke1315520000292270.3330.46600
Brad Bryson0000000000000

Pitching Stats

Roger Lewis108.217150000017017100001.099
Brad Bryson26.280400086112200001.603
134.42515400082311193000 01.197