Hardhats Help Teach the Future Hardhats

Being a part of the Post 22 organization is more than just playing at “The Fitz” and wearing a Hardhat. It’s also about about life lessons and giving back to our community.

Over the weekend, we held our annual  Little League Day where little leaguers of all ages participated in some pre game activities and met the players.

Yesterday, a few of our Hardhat players helped the Canyon Lake Lumberjacks at their practice. Not only helping with fundamentals, but discussing their successes and struggles on the field.  Today, we received this email from their coach, Ted.

“Coach Torve,

Thank you for allowing time in the daily schedule for Drew, Mason, Branson and Ryan to visit the Canyon Lake Lumberjacks yesterday afternoon.

Your players were fantastic!!  They interacted with the young kids in a such a positive manner.  It was so fun to see the smiles on the faces of not only the Lumberjack players but the Hardhats as well.  I enjoyed hearing the interactions between all of the players during the practice and found it refreshing to hear your players talk about not only their success but the struggles they face on the field.

Again, thank you for your efforts in making yesterday possible.

Best of luck with the remainder of the season.”

Coach Bentz, the pleasure was all ours. Have a great season!