Remembering Way To Go Joe

Fans help make Post 22 what it is, and Dr. Charles Gwinn was one of the most, if not the most recognizable of all. Everyone knew him because his positive support was heard at each game he attended, and games he missed were few and far between.

We were saddened to learn of his passing this week. If you don’t recognize the name, Dr. Gwinn could always be seen wearing his green jacket and sitting in the bleachers behind the home dugout. If you are still drawing a blank, his nickname to players, coaches and fans was “Way to Go Joe”.

Former player and current coach, Ty Daly commented, “As a player, hearing his signature “Way to go!” cheer for you meant everything.

If you struck up a conversation with him, he could tell you all about “his team” – the Post 22 HardHats and how he loved to see them get dirty.

His son, Thomas, sent us a message that read, “He loved you guys. There was no baseball for him other than Post 22…..well maybe the Pirates, but no competition for the Hard Hats. I would sit at the games with him and he could tell me about stats, strengths, who got scholarships with so much excitement in his eyes. Just like you were all his own family. He was so proud of his teams.”

As much as we are looking forward to opening day at “The Fitz” this year, it just won’t be the same without Way to Go Joe there. To his family, thank you for sharing him with us. He was a part of our family as well and his presence will truly be missed.